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S4 #10: Dick Rainbow

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S4 #8: Meat Copter

The guys find out that there’s a female Viagra, chat with a bartender who tells us her playful secrets, and fun facts that will blow you…your mind. Plus so much more!

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S4 #6: The Royal Bean

The guys chat with the 5 Seconds of Summer boys, Tyler from State Champs challenges Jack to a battle of wits, Fun Facts, and so much more on the mid season finale!

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S4 #5: Candy Hole

This week the guys learn whether a man can be milked or not, “Nurse Amanda” regales us with tales from the clinic. Mac is back to challenge Jack, plus Fun Facts, and so much more!

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S4 #4: What’s Wrong With My Balls?

The guys dig deep and get dark with this week’s Wonderful News, as Jack struggles with some “discomfort”. Abigail Breslin calls in to talk about her new film Maggie. ‘Are You Smarter…’ gets real when Evan Lucy (host of Voice & Verse) takes the boys to school. Plus another round of emails and more!

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S4 #3: May The Fourth-Kin Be With You

The guys enroll in Mile High School, Fun Facts from a galaxy far, far away, a steaming pile of news, and find out if Jack escapes with a MARVELous win on “Are You Smarter Than Jack?”

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S4 #2: Wands Are For Wimps

The guys ruin the Oscar Mayer wiener song forever, answer some of your weirdly personal emails, and chat with Jeremy Shada, the voice of Finn from Adventure Time and member of the band Make Out Monday. Plus another painful round of “Are You Smarter Than Jack”, Fun Facts, and more!

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S4 #1: Season 4 Premiere — 2 Dicks In A Vagina Boat

The guys kick off Season 4 with Wonderful News, a hard hitting talk with the leader of the Decepticons “Megatron”, some Fun Facts you didn’t know that you needed to know, as well as some new AND old music you absolutely SHOULD know.

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